Trevor Jackson To Release Science Fiction Dancehall Classics


Prepare your ears for a selection of classics, rarities and unreleased tracks from the On-U Sound vaults, curated by the multi-talented Trevor Jackson. It'll be available digitally, vinylly and CDilly on 2nd October so you've got a bit of a wait yet.

With all the avant-garde electronic sounds you could dream of if you were an electric sheep, the compilation documents a period when this sonic vision was realised through saturated sheets of electronics, reverberating drum machines and extreme chopped-up tape edits. Here's what Mr Jackson had to say about the release;

Not only did On-U sound and Adrian Sherwood's early production work introduce me to dimensions of sound I’d never experienced, inspire me to start making music and start my own record label, his live mixing at a notoriously loud Mark Stewart and the Maffia gig during the mid-80’s also gave me lifelong tinnitus. On-U’s timeless releases portray a savage disregard for conformity, representative of an era where attitude and ethos spoke volumes. An uncontrived mix of cultures, minds and powerful personalities combined to produce revolutionary sonic adventures that sound as unique and vital today as they did over 30 years ago. Putting this compilation together is nothing short of an honour.

Here's a teaser to keep you warm;

Trevor Jackson Presents: Science Fiction Dancehall Classics is out on 2nd October via On-U Sound.