Traum To Release Max Cooper Collection


Traum are set to release a compilation of Max Cooper's work for the label, spanning the 10 releases he has delivered from 2009 – 2013. The compilation covers a full range of Cooper's styles, from the introspective drift of opener Sea of Sound (Ambient Mix) to the intricate clockwork electronics of Autumn Haze, right up to the gnarled, abrasive techno of tracks such as Stochastisch Serie. The full tracklist runs as follows:

 1. Sea Of Sound (Ambient Rework)
  2. Gravity Well
  3. i
  4. Enveloped
  5. Autumn Haze
  6. Ripple
  7. Automnemonic
  8. Wasp
  9. River Of Gold
10. Heresy
11. Stochastisch Serie
12. Raw
13. Walls
14. The End of Reason (Ambient Rework – Vinyl Edit)
15. Dominik Eulberg – Sansula (Max Cooper's „Lost In Sound“ Mix)

The Max Cooper collection comes out on CD and digital on 18th December 2014. Prior to the release Cooper spoke about his work at length in a Skype chat with Traum – you can read that interview over here