Tornado Wallace readies album for Optimo Music


The Berlin based Australian producer is set to release material via the prolific label in what will be his first stand alone material for several years. Titled "Midnight Mania", the new release is perhaps more club focussed and driven than his previous material. However that's not to say that it doesn't carry the same depth and dreamy psychedelic properties which his music has often been praised for. Deep textures and melody still plays a fruitful role across what is a percussive, danceable release. 

Tornado Wallace has described the release alongside that of a video accompanying the release himself:

"I was half knocked out on a sleeping pill on a flight from Europe to Australia when my phone started playing 'Midnight Mania'. In this fuzzy state, I had a weird dream along with the music. I immediately wrote the dream down in my phone notes and kind of forgot about it until I saw it months later. Being a fan of Stacie's stuff already, I asked her if she could reimagine the dream for this music video clip. With some scenes spliced in by Martin Onassis for extra psychedelia.”

The video is streaming online now:

The release will be available from the 20th of March.