todd terje drops delorean dynamite


Todd Terje‘s album (cannily called ‘It’s Album Time’) is due out in the next couple of months and the nordic maestro has put a track from the LP – ‘Dolerean Dynamite‘ – up on the interwebs.

Sounding very much like an italo soundtrack to a 1985 sci fi film, Dolorean Dynamite goes straight for the kill with a 16th note synth bassline and unfolding chords that ramp up the intensity of the track until it ends up deep in space, 7 minutes later.

It’s as polished as you’d expect from Terje, and whets the appetite nicely for the forthcoming album which’ll be released on Terje’s own Olsen Records and include Inspector Norse as well as the much anticipated colab with Bryan Ferry

Pre order the album here.

Check the track out below: