Tim Berg


This song is shit. BUT, big but, the video is straight up the most rock n roll thing Ive certainly ever seen. The story goes like this; some college kids dad is balling him out (again, sheesh) so he gets in the drop top with his best broski, and this blonde chick who is a total 10, and they prang out in the desert andthis bits greatpop a load of Es or trips or something hard to identify (although knowing the pussies banging narcs these days its probably, I dont know, cinnamon sticks or something) then they blaze some high grade and pound back into the car, ragging it round the place, (irresponsible.) go to a casino, go to a rave and then finally the two blokes nail the bird, high five each other and drive off into the sunset, and I think bromance is when you love your chapfriend but youre not a homosexual you’re just a straight talking e raving jock. Greatstuffmate.

Ian Mcquaid

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