Tiga’s New Single Pays Homage To The Bugatti


When we first heard Tiga had a new track out called 'Bugatti' we were kinda hoping the floppy fringed Canadian was going to camply cover the Ace Hood crunk banger of the same name (Tiga has got some form for pulling an electroclash hip hop cover doncha know..). Once we'd got over the disappointmented realisation that this wasn't the case, we realised it didn't matter a jot, because in the 'Bugatti' Tiga has written might be his greatest single since ooohhhh at least 'Shoes'. Basically it's bloody great; jacking, rough edged and kinda silly without being stupid, techno for pop fans or maybe just pop for techno fans. No release date as yet, but you can stream a snippet below and start imagining just what the hell he's going to be pulling in the video..