Tiga Signs To counter records, Preps 3rd Album & Announces Live Show


Tiga, that long standing vanquisher of boring techno, has signed to Ninja Tune imprint Counter Records. Next year will see the release of release of his third LP – his first album since 2009's Ciao! Tiga's seen his stock rise in the last year – he inadvertantly flirted with mainstream success when recent single Bugatti found itself on radio playlists, despite being a typically uncompromising blast of squealing electronics, camp, archly ironic vocals and lock-jointed techno beats. 

Here's Tiga on his new home:

"It’s a natural fit – I’m the original Counter. I count RESULTS. Advantage: Tiga City. Seven years is a lifetime, especially for lifetime full-time dreamers like me. Entire fantasy worlds have been loved and lost. Restaurants have opened and closed. I’ve taken the spiritual advice of those closest to me and chosen to remain inside the present, listening and growing until there’s no choice to spring out of the box and share my gift. And that gift is the simplest of questions and answers. What is love? It is what it is, and what it is is it’s everything."

As his first move for Counter, Tiga has recorded new single Don't Break My Heart. A typical sleazy burner, it bodes well for the future. It comes accompanied with the sterling news that Tiga's first ever live show is to take place at KOKO on November 20th, with support from none other than acid techno enigmas Paranoid London. Tickets for that show available here.