Thunder Tillman return to ESP Institute with new EP


The dynamic duo are back once again on the imprint. The duo are set to release a new EP titled 'Condor Sunflower' on the 15th of March, a balearic sun kissed affair with elegant soundscapes and a dream like centre. This is the third time that the duo have appeared on the label and the latest EP completes the trilogy of the series. It also features three tracks with all of the music recorded using instrumentation and no sampling. The label describes the release as follows: 

"What we find enviable, spanning 3 glorious Thunder Tillman EPs and short films, is the duo’s creative simpatico, something that many artists in collaboration never truly behold. It's not their joint musical intuition, their intrinsic understanding of one another’s craft, or even the power of their improvisational tether, but their spiritual alliance that nobody can touch. It's as if they share a tandem bicycle ride on the highest plane of consciousness to lounge in the members-only spa where they telepathically discuss secrets of high-grade musical alchemy."