Things to like this week…


Toddla T – Watch Me Dance (with Roots Manuva)
Weatherall’s re-ascendance to the top of the pile continues. One of my favourite things he’s done for quite some time. Lolloping beats give way to live bass and a vocal pitched down out of all un-recognisable Roots Manuva proportions. Tripped out late nocturnal melodies come sneaking in and you’ve got a brand new track all in itself. Wish I’d remembered to dig in my bag of CDs last weekend. Would’ve destroyed the tent! I never look at my CDs, get starstruck by the big albeit rather scratch black discs instead…
Toddla T – ‘Watch Me Dance (with Roots Manuva)’ (Andrew Weatherall Remix) by toddla_t

Yacht – Utophia (White Rainbow Revision)
Low slung funk of the highest order. White Rainbow Revision of YACHT makes you realise how clouded your judgement has become by tech house overkill/glut. This is why I love electronic music! Think LCD’s Freak Out… but something different. Who got the distorted funk.
Utopia (White Rainbow Revision) by DFA Records

Still Corners – Cuckoo (Free Download)
Like Beach House on hazier acid in Twin Peaks. This and the album that follows it was recorded at home in a studio in Greenwich… London… ummm, OK. How can you write this sort of music with weather outside like that! A further doff of the cap ensues after aforementioned information was benownst to I. Look forward to the album if this is anything to go by. Free download too!

Style Council – Promised Land

You can’t move without running into this record at the moment. Now I might be massively naive and someone’s done an ‘edit’ of it… but in the the meantime till I’m told otherwise let’s just stick to the original 1988 version of Paul ‘ooh I’m having a house period’ Weller’s breakdown record which has finally picked up some recognition 23 years on… going for Juan Atkins mix here: