Theo Parrish reinterprets Patrick Gibin, Kaidi Tatham & Josh Milan’s “Love To The World”


Theo Parrish has created two reinterpretations of “Love To The World’, a collaboration between Patrick Gibin, Kaidi Tatham and Josh Milan, originally released last June on Neroli.

The track communicated a message of joy and hope during a time of darkness last year, a message which resonated with Sound Signature boss and Neroli affiliate Theo Parrish who decided to produce his own takes on the song, using Josh’s vocals as the basis of his own deep, hypnotising piano version, in signature Parrish style.

Last years ‘Love To The World’ featured four tracks, written and produced by Patrick Gibin and Kaidi Tatham in collaboration with Josh Milan on vocals. Though there’s been an absence of dancefloors over the last year, many of which this release would have soundtracked, the EP has been supported by Ron Trent, DJ Deep, Fred P, Tama Sumo, Antal, San Soda, Scott Grooves, Kyoto Jazz Massive amongst many other artists.

“Love To The World” is set for release on 19th February. Buy and listen HERE.