The XX


Itd be great if the world consisted of good things, really good things, being brought joyously, fruitfully together by the hard work and dedication of others. Then we might have a constant stream of tracks such as this, where the right remixer has been given the right band to work with, and the end result is a fresh new shivering baby of sound, gloriously different and reassuringly similar to the parts it was born from. This remix of VCR has snatches of XX vocals ghosting through the mix in the way that XX vocals do Youre a star// by the sea -, buoyed up by Dark Side of the Moon keyboard pulses and krautish shuffling drums. It clocks in at 8 essential minutes, weaving the originals fragile layers of optimistic melody into trance state techno warmth that swells and dazzles. A winner….!

Ian Mcquaid