the week according toRIpped in glasgow 22.3.13


Thank fuck! The last few weeks have seen live gigs firmly back on the agenda here in not-so-sunny Glasgow. My Bloody Valentine nearly tore the roof off the Barrowlands a couple of weekends ago, although they ween’t as loud as everyone (annoyingly) keeps going on about. This was followed a few days later by an altogether more sedate Claudia Brucken at the ABC2, who made me a happy bunny by playing the Propaganda/Act stuff amongst her solo material.

Last weekend it was the turn of a couple of ace local bands, who I recommend you check out:

#1 – from Edinburgh, hotly tipped recently-formed garage punkers The Liberty Takers – Leave Them All Behind” (not the Ride track!)

#2 – from Glasgow, also hotly tipped but a bit more long-in-the-tooth garage punkers The Reverse Cowgirls – “Dead Will Rise”.

Tonight it’s the turn of Canadian dronemeister Loscil who’s done stuff on Kranky & Ghostly International, I imagine it will be ‘a good one’. Should keep the gig wolf from the door till Chas’n’Dave next weekend…

Oh aye, electronic stuff. The Ripped In Glasgow massive have had another busy week posting mixes and all sorts of goodness:

Discovery of the week has to be from RiG contributor Colin, who posted this nugget: “For any PWOG afficionados, stumbled onto this on soundcloud as he seems linked to XCor (Robert Heynen). Lovely version of Maenad.” PWOG are long-term RiG favourites and even sent an unreleased session for the blog back in the day. A welcome return!

Elsewhere we’ve got the next instalment of Optimo’s excellent Rinse FM show, latest Weatherall mix of Primal Scream’s 2013 (hurry up and leak, new album), great mix set from DJ TLR – “The World Is Full Of Weirdos” and rip of excellent Radio 1 documentary on the classic Roland numeric palindromes we know and love. Radio 1? Who’da thunk it…

To finish off, it took a while to realise that this isn’t THAT Scott Walker ‘in the mix’, instead it’s a DJ from Brisbane who has put up a superb mix which includes a very palatable Nick Warren remix of the Cocteau Twins! File that one alongside recent(isn) decent remixes of the Jesus & Mary Chain and Pixies. What’s going on?

If anyone wants to join the Ripped In Glasgow Facebook Group then send an email to and I’ll sort you out.  Adios, amigos Moggieboy