The Vaccines Wreckin Bar


Hype as in bad. The Vaccines have been causing hand wringing ball sweats amongst Londons A&R community; theyre going to save rock n roll (from what ? public service cuts ? herpes ? honestly, what.. ? ), theyre a proper BRITISH BAND, they look flipping amaaaaaaaazing etc etc. One of them has a brother in the Horrors which appears to be handy for knowing people in the industry but this.. fttthhhhpppp. Its not bad. Good things- it goes on for a minute and a half. Brevity is appealing. It has a charming ramshackle DIY edge that suits it well. Not so good things- it sounds like a souped up Proclaimers minus the geeky charm, glasses and cracking sing alongs about walking a hundred miles. Id probably review this track with more kindness (Id listen to it over anything by Carl Barat anyday), had I not seen them play a month ago- they werent good, they werent bad– they were very very dull. I think thats probably biasing me against em, so I guess check it for yourself

Ian Mcquaid

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