The Stream: Ransom Note Has A Spotify Channel – Come Join Us


We love discovering all the gems that our guests share with us. We love finding out about their bizarre influences, and their sneaky guilts and obscure neo-classical compositions. We get giddy with the choice aural diamonds and dirty bangers from our premieres, that's why we find 'em, spending hours trawling the never ending inbox and online abyss. And from today, you can get that heady and woozy fix easier. Whether at work, at home, in the office, whilst fixing a roof or at the gym (?), you can get a lug full of music because we just kicked off our Spotify channel. You can find a selection of your favourite features like 8 Tracks and Influences, where the most admired artists divulge what got them going or keeps them tuned. We will be sharing monthly Premieres playlists so you will also be the coolest at the afterparty. Coming soon will be Spotify exclusive collections from those we love and expect you will too. So drop by, give us a follow and get some stream in yer moonbeam.

Ransom Note on Spotify is HERE. Tell all your family.

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