Fans of Veronika Vasickas Minimal Wave imprint, Powells recent mixes and Trevor Jacksons Metal Dance compilations, rejoice!…in your own hard-boiled way.

La Musique Fait La Force (the Belgian imprint and occasional home to Tensnake, Fake Blood, and Drop the Limeermahem) are taking it upon themselves to release an exhaustive retrospective surrounding The Sound of Belgium documentary released last year, a feature length exploration of Belgiums dance music scene at the end of the 1980s.

Early EBM pioneers Front 242, curious rediscovery and Eurovision rejects Pas De Deux, and classic techno in the form of Joey Beltrams Energy Flash are included in the selections, which comprehensively cover a vibrant spectrum of industrial, synthpunk, acid house, rave and all the nebulous regions in between.

The 4CD compilation arrives 25 November, with a ten part series of ten inch vinyl editions released a week later.

Check this 1988 R&S release from Fatal Error (who feature in both formats) for some blistering allure, a taster of what to expect…

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