The Rapture’s Luke Jenner readies new album for Manono Records


The Rapture lead singer Luke Jenner readies his new album entitled 1 for Manono Records. 

Set for release on 15th May, Jenner's new solo project touches on sensitive themes that can rupture the innocence of childhood; violence, abuse, addiction and abandonment. However the way in which he explores these subjects places them in the light, wresting them out of their dark cubicle of shame, with an objective of helping others who've had similar experiences. 

The album follows Jenner's personal history, from the trauma of child abuse in his family to the happiness he seeks in his own family now, in the context of the music that sustained him and inspired him, be that the spiritual belonging George Harrison invested in or the heard voices of Daniel Johnston. 

As front man NYC post-punk band, The Rapture, Jenner has never shied away from his belief in God, community and family – all as a means of recovering the fractured x of y. 

Listen to the first single from the album, 'You're Not Alone', below…

A Wonderful Experience
All My Love
If There Is A God
I’m Still Alive
What Do I Dream About
You’re Not Alone
You Know You’re In Love When You’re In Love
Die One Day
About To Explode