The Orb’s Kris Weston: Alex Patterson Is A ‘C*Nt’


As a member of The Orb from 1991 – 95, Kris Weston had a hand in the majority of the bands greatest output, including producing perhaps their best known track, Little Fluffy Clouds. After an acrimonious split in the mid 90s, he has long kept silent on his reasons for leaving the band. Not any more. FACT Magazine have come across a blog post where- in no uncertain terms- he goes IN. Attacks are wide, varied, colourful and detailed, and include claims that Universal Records are 'raping' his work, that deceased fellow Orb member Andy Hughes was a 'talentless fucknut' who Weston "hired to plug things in for me while i was operating the computer", that occasional Patterson collaborator Andy Falconer can "suck my dick you pathetic fuck", and that Orb mainstay Alex Patterson (or 'twatterson' as Weston has it) is a "proper cunt". Thomas Fehlmann, a long time auxillery member of the band comes off – by Weston's standard – fairly lightly: "hes not bad really, for someone that looks like an aids victim." Do your self a favour- set aside half an hour or so, and read the entire, supremely entertaining rant here.

Weston claims to have been pretty much stiffed on creative control over his Orb output following the signing of a dubious contract to Universal – a fact that's easy to believe given the endless shady dealings prevalant in the dance music scene of the 90s. He's currently running a crowd sourcing campaign to finance a solo album, rewarding contributors with an archive containing around 11 GB worth of 'everything I've ever done', which seems a pretty good deal.

To be fair to Weston, he also describes himself as "a terrible offensive little man who should have been filtered at ISP level, but some dark packet anomaly has allowed me unfettered net access." Kris, if you ever fancy writing a monthly column, we would truly, truly love to have you.