The Naturals Lost Early Mix Is Found


Our car keys, phone chargers, glasses and, most often, cash have all been lost at some point but for a band to lose a mix can have devastating effects on their career. Luckily for The Naturals (Emotional Response), the lost raw mix of their album, which had originally only made it over to Asia in small quantities before being lost into the depths of New York's rusty lock-ups, has been re-discovered and is now fully available for the public to listen to. Reverting back to their original name is rather fitting as the natural sound of the two friends jamming in their deepest conciousness has risen to the surface in this new version of On The Way (To The Laughing Light of Plenty) with the psychebalearicfolk vibe that the album gives off. 

The album is out on Friday 14th August on Emotional Response/STD with a limited number of copies available so try not to lose this one because you won't be able to find another. Here's 'The Pulse' to get you excited;

Pre-order your copy of The Naturals – On The Way (To The Laughing Light of Plenty) here