The Juan Maclean


Beardy dance anoraks throughout the land have been spurting tiny sexwees at the mere mention of House of House, and this remix is only going to cause more feverish brow wiping and clammy back sweats. The DFA linked duo have been updating classic 90s House (no shit) for a year or so and theyve come galloping into 2010 with a remix thats one third surly drum battering mum killer to two thirds soothing lickle lullaby. A Human Disaster takes up the torch last laid down by Underworldits epic and hyperpercussive and rattles right along with techno tom-toms and gorgeous synth washes, and is all capped off by the burbling of slurry vocals delivered by a robot mong bingeing on internet ordered plant feed. At the risk of sounding like a bell, Id like to say that this is Proper Classic Dance Music, and all the better for it.

Ian Mcquaid