The Good The Bad And The Ugly #8


Mr. Evan's sorts the wheat from the chaff in his weekly plough through the R$N promo inbox.

The Good

Konkoma – Konkoma. Soundway Records

Afro Funk is one of those genres that you get put off by purely on the basis of the type of smug fool who often listens to it. They’re all like: ‘Yeah, back from a year in Ghana, really digging the funk out there, it’s soooo polyrhythmic man’. Aside from that, the music is often actually amazing. And this album, from Konkoma is about 10 times better than everything else that came into the promo inbox this week. It’s great; you can stream it all via their facebook page. I recommend it. Did I mention I just got back from Ghana…….

The Bad

The video for: Meleka – Love You Baby

Garage is great, in all its myriad offspring (well, some of that post-garage wispy stuff is a bit up it’s own arse, but that’s an exception). Meleka can belt it out, too. Her voice is good, idiosyncratic but strong. The track appeals to the Londoner in me, makes me want to go out and drink spirits and mixers all night, it’s a tune. So, no problem with the music. But the video! The video! The dude dancing! I’m a better dancer than that, what’s going on?! (check it out at around 3.12ish). Proper Lols. BAD!

The Ugly

Calvin Harris feat Example ‘WE’LL BE COMING BACK’

If you were to go into a portaloo at the end of a five day hard rock festival and dive into the toilet bowl ala Renton in Trainspotting, you may well find, at the bottom of all that steaming shite, this nugget of hell in aural form. Music never sounded so bad. Calvin Harris and Example, you need to give it a rest. You may be making gazillions of dollars, but you’re ruining our children’s imaginations. Please, please, please: Retire. UGLY!!

By Joe Evans