The Creator Tyler


Tyler is head of the Odd Future. For the past 2 years Odd Future have been gradually getting rap heads old and new all greased up, the reason being that they are making hands down the best hip hop on the planet right now. So heres the new Odd Future camp single Yonkers, released by XL in the US, and I dont know if theyre planning to bring this out over here, but itd be nuts not to because this track is IMMENSE. Honestly, this is true demon boom bap, sick lyrics, amazing flow raw hip hop thats come gurgling up from the grotty underground. It genuinely feels like the good ol days without being ridiculously retro. Im getting all worked up playing it again and again and again. As such I want to post two videos up, because the live performance of the track Sandwitches from US TV a week ago has also got to be seen. Did someone say the new Wu Tang ? Get on this now, I swear they are going to be absolutely massive.

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