The Black Dog Offshoot To Release New Lp


Martin and Richard Dust, better known as two thirds of UK techno daddies The Black Dog, have are preparing to release System Fork, a new album recorded together under their Application moniker. No strangers to the 'intelligent' part of the IDM acronym, the brothers Dust have apparently recorded this new work using the Japanese principle of 'Itamae'. For those of you who- like this scribe- are too bone headed to know what the hell that means, here's the handy bit of PR – 

"students (Itamae) watch the Sushi Master for 5 years before being given their first task. In the same way, every detail in ‘System Fork’ was described and thought about before any work in the studio was done…The Black Dog have no plan or rules, when they go into the studio they do what they want. With Application that isn’t the case, there’s a set of rules and an internal manifesto that took two years to fully realise before any creative processes started in the studio."

Whilst that may sound like a recipe for a tedious disaster waiting to happen, we've heard the results, and, well, they're pretty ace – all skittery analogue warmth and luminous machine funk, with more than a little nod to the experimental techno of The Black Dog's heyday.

Release date is June 30th, via the duo's own Dust Science Recordings, and you can grab an advance preview below.