Tesco To Start Selling Vinyl


Thanks to Mixmag for picking up on this; Tesco are to be the first UK supermarket to sell vinyl since the 20th Century. In a move that matches the rising popularity of that ol' black wax, the shop, previously most famous for flogging burgers laced with a cheeky frission of horse meat, are now looking to branch into the burgeoning vinyl market. Phonica can rest easy though – gunning for the title of 'most boutique record emporium on Earth', Tesco's currently have plans to only stock one release: Iron Maiden's forthcoming LP The Book of Souls. After that album has been tried out in 55 stores across the country, the chain may well expand it's stock. Who knows? With a bit of luck soon you'll see copies of Reign in Blood nestling next to this week's issue of Pick Me Up