Terre Thaemlitz, Christina Vantzou and Kareem Lotfy feature on new compilation


Concentric Circles will release a new album this Friday, the second in their debut series features seven tracks spanning a breadth of ambient and new age music. Titled “Colliding Wind”, the release features music from the likes of Terre Thaemlitz aka Dj Sprinkles, Etaapp Kyle, Kareem Lotfy and more.

The label is run by Simone Merli of Soundwalk Collective with the new compilation described as follows:

“‘Colliding Wind’ is inspired by the powerful force that is produced when a minimum of two beings or elements are combined and acting together.

Science explains us that a colliding-wind binary is a binary star system in which the two members are massive stars that emit powerful, radiatively-driven stellar winds. The location where these two winds collide produces a strong shock. As we reference the state of world chaos today, a colliding-wind is a reassuring reminder of the inspiring thought that the act of coming together as one produces exponentially powerful results.”