Tense Turn It Up


The thing about EBM (thats Electronic Body Music for all you non geeks out there. And if that makes no sense, think 90s acid house for leather sex dungeon Goths) is that its hard to tell how serious everyones being. Cos this piece of EBM revivalism sounds pretty (read: really) serious in its intent, but I cant help but think the vocals are so silly in their macho atonal chanting that someones gotta be having a laugh. Either which way, this really does hit the spot. Its got these great dry drum sounds, the aforementioned S&M vocals, curiously uplifting whistling noises and a general buzz of good times being had in the smut pit. Admittedly its near impossible to listen to this and not think of the grim prospects queuing to live out their incredibly wicked desires at Torture Gardens, but really, thats only a small price to pay for a fine piece of dance music.

Ian Mcquaid

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