Tell Someone You Love Them With Chris & Cosey


Lovestruck fools! If you've been fruitlessly hunting, searching far and wide for the perfect way to show the object of your affection the fuzzy topography of your quickening heart, then look no further! May we present Carter Tutti's remix of the beautiful Chris & Cosey ballad October Love Song. Originally recorded in '83, October Love Song has been remixed by the duo in advance of record store day, and the end results are, basically, bloody brilliant. Thanks to The Quietus for providing some details on the songs romantic genesis, courtesy of an interview with Cosey Fanny Tutti –

"I was in the front bedroom in Tottenham, and we had the studio in the bedroom behind. We put the mics through and Chris said 'just do whatever you want and I'll record the vocal'. It was just a spoken word for Chris. I had this vision of him sat in the other room with his headphones on, a really intimate situation where I could talk to him but I wasn't in the same room as him. So I told him how I felt about him, and that's how 'October Love Song' was written, about how we got together: 'do you remember how I took your hand on the stairs". It was like me whispering in his ear."

This new version of October Love Song is taken from a 5 track EP of new remixes made for the duo's recent US tour. It will be available to buy on Record Store Day from all the usual culprits. Other tracks include 'Cowboys In Cuba', 'Dancing Ghosts', 'Deep Velvet' and 'Lost Bliss'