Telephones launches new label ‘European Carryall’


The Norwegian producer and dj has announced the release of a new EP on his own recently launched imprint. Now based in Berlin, the label will act as a platform for the release of wonky house, disco, techno and beyond with a playful edge reminiscent of Telephones own approach to dance and club music across the years. The first EP, titled "From The Vaults 1998-2018 Vol. 1", features rediscovered material from Telephones himself who describes the inaugural release as follows…

"The first release is based on old rescued material I initially did between 1998-2001, dug up from the attic in Norway last year.. Then exported, re-recorded, overdubbed and meticulously finished here in Berlin 20 year ish later. In many ways it's a tribute to my past and juvenile times discovering house and techno for the first time."

The EP will be distributed by Rubadub on 12" and is due for release on the 19th of February this month. It features three tracks and the EP will be celebrated with a release party at Berlin spot Sameheads on the 8th. 

Listen to clips from the release HERE