Szaio debuts on Bordello A Parigi with a tribute to her late grandmother


Toronto-based production designer and musician Zosia Mackenzie has released her debut album Obraz, meaning Portrait, on Amsterdam’s Bordello A Parigi.

The release initially began as a series of GarageBand sketches, created over a month in the attic of her grandmother’s home in Warsaw, whilst caring for her after she fell ill. After coming home, she re-recorded the synth and vocal parts with her partner John O’Regan, swapping sounds and sequences with their Roland TR-909 and Juno 106, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, and Soviet-era Formanta Polivoks.

The resulting tracks were then mixed by her neighbours, dub techno pioneers Mark and Matt Thibideau (Joule, Yoyaku, Sushitech) before being mastered by Stefan Betke (Pole) in Berlin.

Sadly Zosia’s grandmother passed away before the record was finished but she’s dedicated the release to her memory.

1. Rozkwit
2. W Naszym Domu
3. Chodź Tu, Idź Tam
4. Herb
5. Chyba Wiesz
6. Nauczyłaś Mnie

Watch the video, directed by John O’Regan, for ‘W Naszym Domu’ below.