Synkro announces new LP on Apollo Records


The album is titled 'Images' and will be released on the 10th of May later this year. It comes as a follow up to the 'Changes' LP which was released in 2015, the new album has been written on rare, vintage synths and inspired by the 80s-90s new age/ambient movement. Sprawling across twelve tracks, the album comes complete with beautifully designed artwork by Glasgow based producer and artist Konx-om-Pax. The album is said to have drawn upon influence by the likes of Andreas Vollenweider, Jon Hassel & Marc Barreca with much of the album built up of music created entirely via analogue equipment. The album is described as the result of a trip to Japan in which Synkro became "addicted" to vintage synths prior to locking himself away in the studio back in the UK soon after. 

A full tracklist can be found below: 

01. Piano/Voice
02. Images
03. Realize
04. Fields
05. Blind Fate
06. Never
07. Movement
08. 1TO5
09. Waiting Room
10. Hearts
11. Protection
12. Running

Stream a track from the forthcoming album…