Swedish House Mafia


Guess whos going to Number 1 again ?
When I was 16 Faithless bought out Insomnia, and even though I know it was mental cheesy there was no way I could deny it combined being FUCKING BRILLIANT with having really really bad rapping to utterly majestic effect. Now 15 or so years later Tinie Tempah and SHM have done the same thing, but the rappings better and the songs cheesier. And … uhhhm.. also… werent Faithless doing this sort of thing 15 years ago ? Whatever happened to dance music being the future ? This track is totally epic shirts off living in the provinces 12 pills a night trance hop but it also sounds like Tiesto might have banged it out in 1999 and whilst I can see that this is a good song if you feel like a bit of a cheap date, I do kinda hark for the days when this sort of pop managed to mitigate being hyper cheesy by sounding like nothing that anyone had even dreamed of making 10 years previously.

Swedish House Mafia Vs. Tinie Tempah – Miami 2 Ibiza found on Electronic

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