Surgeons Told To Stop ‘Playing Drum N Bass’ During Surgery


Somehow, this isn't a spoof headline. In a glorious piece of clickbait, todays Independent has claimed that "surgeons have been warned that playing drum and bass during operations hampers communication with nurses and puts patients at risk…. According to research by the National Journal of Nurses, surgeons listening to music during procedures may make it more difficult to concentrate." 

The article goes on to note that it "was most often senior surgeons who chose if and what music played…Drum and bass and dance music were often played loudest, with the volume raised for popular songs. In some cases, the findings show that nurses visibly struggled to hear instructions from surgeons." 

Frustratingly for the music nerds of Ransom Note Towers, the article doesn't make it explicit what kind of drum n bass surgeons are wheeling. Is it old skool? New skool? WHAT ARE THEY PLAYING!?? Because it's one thing if they balls up pulling out removing a malignant tumour because they're vibsing to Oh My Gosh, but quite another thing if it's because they're singing along to some piece of shit made by Nero. 

If you're about to go under the knife and feeling at all concerned, don't be. Scrolling down the article reveals that a completely different study has claimed the opposite- that listening to music can actually improve a surgeon's skills . "In a study published by the Aesthetic Surgery Journal last month, plastic surgeons were asked to stitch a wound with and without music. The results with music revealed that quality was improved and time was reduced by 8 to ten per cent." So God knows. Just please, don't let them play Nero.