Surgeon To Release New Album On His Dynamic Tension Imprint


Anthony Child is to release a new full-length under his Surgeon moniker, Luminosity Device, via his own Dynamic Tension imprint on May 25th. Taking Bardo Thödol – the Tibetan Book of the Dead – as a starting point, the record marks "a rhythmic journey into those interstitial spaces where body, mind, and soul no longer seem like distinct categories… Intended as a deeply personal, bold confrontation of death and loss".

Following 2016's Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle Vol. 2 under his own name, Child will complement Luminosity Device by touring a brand new live show around the time of its release. View the complete track list and stream lead single 'The Primary Clear Light' below:

A1 / 1. Seven Peaceful Deities
A2 / 2. The Primary Clear Light
A3 / 3. Courage To Face Up To
B1 / 4. earth-sinking-into-water
B2 / 5. Master Of All Visible Shapes
C1 / 6. The Vibratory Waves of External Unity
C2 / 7. Eight Wrathful Deities
D1 / 8. The Etheric Body
D2 / 9. The Source

Stream The Primary Clear Light HERE.

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