Super Drama launch new label with three V/A EPs featuring Jaye Ward, Grace Sands and Angel D’Lite


Dalston Superstore residents Super Drama have launched their new label with a Family Drama series; three V/A EPs featuring an array of artists who are all integral to East London’s Queer scene, with a couple of international friends thrown in for good measure.

The three releases include contributions from Batty Bass boss Hannah Holland, XOYO resident and Rinse DJ, Cimerii, Adonis & NYC Downlow resident Grace Sands, Magical Real boss Jaye Ward, gothic drag artist Rodent, Netil Radio regular Angel D’Lite, In Flagranti, Michelle Manetti and more. 

Originally planned as a grand full album that highlighted how much talent is in the scene, and to be rolled out with a series of charity fund-raising events across various venues around the UK, due to the Covid-19 situation the release has now been split across three EPs, the first of which is set to drop on August 14th. 

Proceeds from all three Family Drama EPs, and the parties that will now follow when possible, will be split between Mermaids, a Leeds-based charity focusing on Trans and gender-diverse youth, and the Black LGBTQIA+ Therapy Fund. 

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