Succhiamo ready LP on Antinote Records


Since its inception in 2012, Paris-based label Antinote Recordings has cemented itself as one of the premier imprints for fans of variety.

Run by Zaltan, the label has pushed music from Alek Lee, Tolouse Low Trax and Geena to name but a few, making stylistic categorisation difficult to say the least. Each release brings something new to the table, and taps into different strains of sonic production. This is apparent on the upcoming LP: Succhiamo’s "Mani In Fuoco", due for release on the 13th December.  The band deliver six cuts of EBM-infused, wave-y dance music, ranging in tempo, emotion and style. Jumping from punk to italo-pop, between Italian and Spanish, the record does well to continue Antinote’s eclectic identity.

Pre-order your copy from the label’s Bandcamp HERE.