Subduction Zone invite Furthur Electronix to Rye Wax


You can draw a number of similarities between drinking too much and switching on a Roland 303.

The most obvious is fun. A big night on the tiles, full of silly moments and shimmying to strange sounds, is always a laugh. Similarly, the sonic squelches of Roland’s signature synth brings a smile to the face of any listener.

Another thing the two never fail to produce is friendship. Unless you’re a certified Spoonsman, being surrounded by your pals in the club is what it’s all about. Hearing the wobbling basslines of the 303 brings people together too, whether it’s 4am on the ‘floor or you’re sharing tunes amongst your mates. A final shared characteristic is acid. Waking up with a sore head and tender tummy is the unfortunate price we pay for last night’s sins. Everyone knows the trademark sound of that era-defining piece of hardware.

On 17th January, the chance for you to realise this is right there. London party series Subduction Zone have invited Brighton’s Furthur Electronix to spray their acidic sound around Peckham’s Rye Wax.

Label boss Anil, armed with the deepest record bag in the west, is going B2B with Milan-based Kreggo and his shape-shifting style of selection. Chris Moss Acid will bring his Ronseal identity to the party, for a set that promises a spectrum of sour, squelching sonics.

Be warned, though. Neither Gaviscon or Alka Seltzer will shield you from the pHs you’ll feel later this month.

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