Sub Club Announce First Revamp In Over A Decade


Navigating out of their standard late-night storms, Sub Club are docking for 19 days, from Sunday 5th June to Friday 24th June as a wave of refreshment is set to wash over Glasgow’s clubbing mecca. The first rework to take place in 13 years, it’s a testament to the club’s last design and fitting which took place in 2002 and the same team are on board for the aesthetic remix.

The work will involve some standard refurbs including the bathrooms and some surprise elements. However, the Sub Club crew have assured us that key elements within the space, won’t be heavily tampered with. The focus will be on upgrades and tweaks, as opposed to overhauls and twerks. "Don’t fuck with a classic” – Mike Grieve (Sub Club's managing director). In Subbie we trust.

The upcoming Subculture party (4th June) will be a Residents only edition (4th June). Follow Sub Club HERE.

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