Stream: Warp Records’ Brian Eno & Karl Hyde Album


Let me put this to you – Underworld were crap after Darren Emerson left. Without the techno wunderkid, Karl Hyde and Rick Smith were left floundering 'round like a pair of genial, confused uncles, Smith tentatively pushing a button here and there, whilst Hyde muttered some gibberish about, I dunno, skyscrapers made of pixels and toothpaste. So, if I'm honest, I wasn't immedietely blown away by the prospect of a Hyde/ Eno album. Whilst our Bri's been known to make some of the greatest music to ever come out of an Englishman's mind, he's also penned his fair share of damp squibs, and this could have gone either way. Happily, the duo's forthcoming album, Someday World, released through Warp, sounds like it may actually be a winner. The opening track, The Satellites is crafted from chiming guitars, spruced up brass and krautrock drum clicks. In fact, it sounds somewhat like Underworld via Roxy Musix. Fancy that. We haven't got any further through the album yet, but you can listen to – there's a full stream available here, or check out The Satellites below: