Stream Thug Entrancers Sci-Fi Themed Acid Work Outs


Ryan McRyhew – aka Thug Entrancer – is poised to release an album of burbling acid techno centred around the story of an imagined alien colony. Explaing naming the album Arcology, McRyhew notes that “the album title stems from the idea of a structure or object that is entirely self-sufficient and life-generating with little to no outside influence.” This wouldn't really mean a thing if the first track we've been sent wasn't such a fine little bubbler. As with previous work, Arcology has been created from an improvisational structure. However this time round, McRyhew seems intent on bringing some tangible melodic content to proceedings – the track posted on Soundcloud combines warm gurgles of 303 with a bright eyed series of synth riffs that shimmer with a future bound optimism – 

Current man of the moment Daniel 'Oneohtrix Point Never' Lopatin has been gushing over McRyhew's work, writing “Ryan is a rare breed of producer+thinker who is able to hallucinate worlds beyond his music that recursively influence his sound. His understanding of science fiction's speculative potential combined with a virtuosic ability to program hardware synthesizers make him a techno fantasist of the highest order.”

Arcology is currently some way off – tthe Software label is releasing the album on double vinyl and a variety of digital renditions on March 4th 2016.