Stream: Ransom Note Records Debuts New Bawrut Ep Via Boiler Room


We're bringing out a new record. Woo! In fact we're bringing out 3 new records, more on the other two in a bit … For the moment, you can now finally hear the one of the three new acid house bangers that Bawrut – the hero behind our first relesase Ciquita – has put together for us.  Boiler Room has done us the honour of posting the track as one of their final ever debuts, there's no need for us to bang on about it, just press play:


It's probably worth noting that 1) the other two tracks on the EP are also killers and 2) the first Bawrut 12" sold out in less than a month. We're going to be selling this one through our bandcamp substantially sooner than it hits shops- and if we sell out of copies on Bandcamp, it's never going to hit shops… 


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