Stream: Numbers Latest 12″ – Synth Pop From The Heart Of Glasgow


Numbers have uploaded a stream of their latest release, and it's quite something. Coming from the mind of Glaswegian producer Sparky, aka LUMA, aka Dave Clark (not that Dave Clarke fyi), the 12" opens with Signals, a genius confection of bouncing synths that has all the optimism and melancholy of classic techno pulsing through it's wide eyed electronics. D'you remember those times when you'd gone out to a rave in the middle of nowhere, out in the fields and trees, where you'd spent 8 hours dancing and gabbling shite, then piled back  into the car to navigate unfamiliar motorways home? This sounds like that drive, somewhere between the happy glow of an amazing night, and the creeping sorrow that it was all over. Here's a snippet for you to agree/disagree over-

B Side Tigress is a proper nasty techno snarler – apparently Sparky's had it sitting in his vaults for over a decade – something that does little to diminish it's sheer smack-you-up-the-head clang. Both tracks are winners and available on 12" and digitial on October 19th from all your usual places…