Stream: Luke Vibert – Bizarster


As your head travels out to the deepest regions of the loon-iverse, let Mr Luke Vibert take your hand and guide you through. New track Bizarster, taken from the forthcoming album of the same name, sees Vibert comfortably hoisting himself back into the space-saddle and blasting off into the cosmos. He's packed in samples from Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, chatting about the restaurant at the end of the universe (otherwise known as Croydon) alongside all manner of chubby breakbeats and twinkling space junk. in short, the perfect soundtrack to a journey into tomorrow. Time to go buy ourselves some space suits;

'Bizarster' is out on 16th October via Planet Mu. We've been privy to the album already… and it's safe to say; it's ace!