Stream Dusky’s New Collaboration With Wiley


In something of a surprise team up, dead serious bass/ house/ techno duo Dusky have joined forces with the Godfather of Grime himself for a one off single, Sort It Out SharonThe track finds Wiley on spritely lyrical form; he actually sounds like he's enjoying lending an aggyness to Dusky's polished production. The end result is a pretty decent halfway point between grime and high gloss techno that will quite probably enchant boy racers and horrify purists. Make your own mind up: 

Sort It Out Sharon is taken from Dusky's forthcoming album Outer, an 11 track LP due on September 30th that also features guest vocals from the one and only Gary Numan – here's the full tracklist-

1. All We Ever Needed 
2. Tiers
3. Runny Nose
4. Trough
5. Sort It Out Sharon feat. Wiley 
6. Long Wait feat. Solomon Grey
7. Songs Of Phase
8. Swansea feat. Gary Numan
9. Marble (vocals by Alfie Granger-Howell)
10. Ingrid Is A Hybrid
11. Spruce feat. Pedestrian 


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