Stream Bjorn Torske’s NewKok Ep


Seasoned outsider and quietly superb figure in the Scandinavian sphere of off-kilter, eccentric disco and dance, Bjorn Torske (as pictured in his wholesome school photo opposite) is set to conclude a trilogy of releases with the Kok EP. The title ‘Kok’ (‘to boil’) was similarly attributed to 2010s Kokning and 2012s Oppkok, and its conceptual course finally ends on December 9th, with Koks five aberrant oddities.

Early listens reveal Totem Expose as a spaced but idyllic highlight which shares some similarities with Roedelius work post-Cluster, and Assistenten as an absurd fairground hallucination in the vein of The Residents. One to look out for in the coming weeks

Bjorn Torske Kok EP (Smalltown Supersound)

Available to stream on Spotify now here.
Available on 12″ / DL 9th December.