Stream Andy Butler’s Debut Solo Ep


Hercules & Love Affair maestro Andy Butler has stepped aside from H&LA to release material aimed squarely at the club. Leading with an acid squelching killer featuring the vocals of fellow New Yorker Richard Kennedy, we doubt the new Andy Butler material will have fallen too far from the tree to put off fans of his previous work – the songs are there, the melodies are there, it's all just that little bit tougher –

“Hercules has a collaborative, collective approach," Andy explains, "People who enjoy Hercules anticipate uplifting, vocal-orientated, disco-influenced music, something nuanced and quite musical, a proper listening experience. 'Shine' goes for a more direct approach, a stomping, uplifting club 12" but it's me, isn't it, so it will still have something of Hercules about it."

"I wanted to tap into the gospel tradition, for there to be a testifying quality to the record,” he continues. “Richard and I talk in the lyrics about putting ego aside and allowing people around you to shine. You shine when you acknowledge other people's shine, even, if you will, the creator's shine. I hope we've created something new. House is often soulful but you very rarely hear a big gospel-inflected voice paired with booming, doomy techno."

The two tracker is set for a release through Butler's own Mr. Intl label on March 16th – pre orders available from the Mr. Intl website