Still Corners – Creatures of An Hour


I’ve been in the White Isle for the last month – yeah well done mate, gloat away – spending a significant amount of time driving with my cohort to and from cafes on the beach as I swear about the internet in our villa on the way.
Not being one for CDs 
much these days as I’m glued to this clam like thing they call a laptop most waking hours of late I barely get a chance to listen to these revolving laser discs much anymore.
So as I ran out the door I grabbed a handful that had been bestowed upon my lucky and hallowed doorstep recently. One of these included this thing of gazing shoe beauty Still Corners LP.
Having already wet myself over the Cuckoo single recently I was rather shiny about the prospect of a full album but also filled with trepidation about how it could stretch across a full album without sounding too drawn. 
So it was on one of these journeys away from de-internet abode that this album was inserted into la voiture’s laser disc receptacle and all was calmed in one fell album swoop.
The reason this album works for my ears is the fact they’ve clipped each track to 3 minute pieces of blissed-out sonic pop bliss. 
And all this from Sub Pop? My how the mighty have diversified of late. 
For sunshine on White Isles or indeed as the Autumnal nights draw in (the first time I heard Cuckoo it was the middle of summer but one couldn’t hardly attribute that seasonal description to the middle months of this year in the capital) I can’t recommend this highly enough. 
Truly one of my highlights of the year so far.
Ooh and here’s another free download. In times of breakdown… look to this for re-affirmation that it will all be OK…soon!
I bid you a good weekend.

Still Corners on Sub Pop

Still Corners Into the Trees (Sub Pop) Free Download by The Ransom Note