So, Stephen Eicher is the guy responsible for the German New Wave hit Eisbaer by Grauzone, and he is also responsible for a nice (get it?) little track from 1984 called "Nice". The second of which was clearly sitting around just waiting for a disco-esque remix or two to be worked into its dance-ready arpeggios and its 'doom tsche' beat. Headman/Robi Insinna was the man to see the potential in this record, being a lifelong fan of Eicher's music, and is releasing his reworking on his own label RELISH. He stripped out the 'changy' guitars and wacked in some soft, synthy lines in the Rework and Rework Dub (which is the same track but without vocals, init). To round off the package he's also enlisted the help of his mate Justin Strauss, who used to play "Eisbaer" by Grauzone at legendary Mudd Club in New York back in the day, to give an electro going-over of another Eicher track, "Le Files du Limmatquai", with his partner Bryan Mette under the  (Whatever/Whatever Remix) Moniker. A pretty nice (can't stop saying it now!) bundle of tracks all in all.

The Headman/Robi Insinna version is not available to stream yet so in the mean time, here is the great original to listen to:

And here is some of Headman's other work that you can sort of meld into the above track in your mind to get an idea of what the Nice Rework sounds like:

This package is released on 25/9/2015 (Vinyl) 9/10/2015 (Digital) on RELISH