Stately Ambience & Industrial Grot On The New Pan 12″


Berlin based PAN Records have long gone beyond their original intelligent techno remit. Their latest, 'Scythians EP', from American producer M.E.S.H, has far more in common with the glacial icescapes of early grime than anything you're likely to hear in Panorama Bar. Particularly pleasing is ''Imperial Sewers', a space age lament, caught somewhere between the choral pads of 'Moments in Love' and the airlock door percussion  of early DMZ tracks. The 12" follows the recent, excellent experimental grime release from UK producer Balance, and taken together seem to suggest the label is embracing the low end, dimly lit menace of London production in a big way…

'Imperial Sewers is out on digital and 12" via PAN on June 6th