Squarepusher to reissue debut album ‘Feed Me The Weird Things’ on Warp Records


Squarepusher’s debut album ‘Feed Me Weird Things’ is set to be reissued as a special anniversary edition on Warp Records, 25 years after its original release in 1996.

Originally released on Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) and Grant Wilson-Claridge’s now inactive Rephlex label, the album was a key release for the label and hailed as one of Squarepusher’s greatest outings. Musically its the first release where Squarepusher higlighted his bass playing, setting his output apart from the electronic sub-genres slapped on it at the time.

This complete edition has been remastered from the original DATs and features two extra tracks which were first released on the B-side of the ‘Squarepusher Plays…’ EP and later featured on the original Japanese release of this album. The edition also includes a 16 page booklet with personal photographs, ephemera and candid notes from Tom Jenkinson, throwing light on the early days of his career.

The original sleeve notes for the album, written by Richard D James, read, “The Squarepusher is someone who wonders what the holes of a flute sound like without the flute. Sound like sound never sounded before, Richard Rodgers and Julie Andrews gave us the Sound of music, John Cage and Simon and Garfunkel gave us the Sound of silence and now the Squarepusher gives us the SOUND of SOUND.”

The album will be released on 4th June on on vinyl (2 x 12” 1 x 10” + booklet), deluxe casebound book CD and all digital formats, and will be available on streaming platforms for the first time.

01 Squarepusher Theme
02 Tundra
03 The Swifty
04 Dimotane Co
05 Smedleys Melody
06 Windscale 2
07 North Circular
08 Goodnight Jade
09 Theme From Ernest Borgnine
10 U.F.O.’s Over Leytonstone
11 Kodack
12 Future Gibbon
13 Theme from Goodbye Renaldo
14 Deep Fried Pizza

Listen to ‘Theme From Ernest Borgnine’ below.

Buy/Stream HERE. Photo credit: Rob Hann.