‘Spoken Word & Nature Disco’ Third Installment Available To Stream Now


The 'irregular series of irregular mixtapes' from the nature-romancing "Caught by the River" blog continues along its ambient trail with the third installment in it's Spoken Word & Nature Disco series.

The blog has at its heart a fascination with and deep love for the natural world, and draws attention mainly to events and literature which hold the same enthusiasm and entrallment with it. The mixtape itself is a collection of folk and extremely laid back guitar music and glowing electronics, stitched together underneath the voice of the late Roger Deakin, writer and environmentalist. The field recordings and Deakin's ruminations are extremely relaxing, and the folky meanderings make for an hour of blissful, atmospheric stress-abandonment.

It's all tied in with the return of the Caught By The River's live appearance in Shepherd's Bush on 15th November. Bush Hall will act as host to performances, conversations and readings from Richard Skelton, Colin Greenwood (that Colin Greenwood off of the Radio Heads), Darren Hayman, July Skies, Will Burns and Martha Sprackland. More info and tickets can be found here.


The other volumes can be found here (vol. 1 and vol. 2), and other recordings and music can be found here.