Special Request to release once lost, now rediscovered material on Houndstooth Records


On the 28th of June, the record label run by Rob Booth, will release a new album comprised of previously lost material from Special Request aka Paul Woolford. The new album, titled "Bedroom Tapes", is a cohesive collection of electronica and idm which was reborn from cassette and thought to be lost after Paul moved houses. Spanning eight tracks, the release features some of his most melodic work to date and acts as a pleasant and intriguing contrast to the rough and rugged rave which Special Request has been releasing as of late. The release will be available via vinyl, digital and cassette, it's described below:

"Bedroom Tapes is comprised solely of lost material from a recently discovered box of cassettes that emerged in the process of a house move. These tracks capture some of Paul Woolford’s most wide-eyed and naïve creative impulses at a tender age. Seemingly lost forever, some were part of sessions that led to him being signed to now-defunct UK techno imprint Blue Basique. This is the first chapter in this archive and an intimate portrait of the artist at a key stage of his creative development."

A full tracklist can be seen below: 

01. Panaflex Sunrise
02. Pineal Gland
03. Thermatropic
04. Shoreline
05. Entropy
06. Xenospin
07. Double Rainbow
08. Phosphorescence 

Stream a track below: